Sancta Futura started as a blog on Google’s blogger platform several years ago when I began writing my first science fiction novel, which I called Cast into the Deep. This novel was intended as the first of a series that would follow Kate Malone and her companions to a new world of many adventures. After several drafts, I decided the story was “not ready for prime time,” and set it aside to work on other things.

A year or so later, I came up with a re-imagined Sea of Stars story and decided to return to this blog. So I ported it over to a self-hosted WordPress site with a new custom URL where it now resides. About that time, though, I also started a new editing venture called Mitey Editing, and pretty soon that was claiming most of my attention. Coincidentally, many of the authors I’ve worked with in my editing business write speculative fiction and I began to imagine a website where I could discuss and promote the work of these writers and others and also, more broadly, discuss “speculative fiction in the light of faith.”

In an age that seems to grow darker, more hostile, and more chaotic each day, I think we need a vision of the future (and the present) where God and His friends still have a place, so I hope Sancta Futura blog will help to promote such a vision. Here I’ll be discussing speculative fiction stories by other writers and, if I ever get back to writing my Sea of Stars stories, sharing some of the ideas that gave rise to the imaginary universe in which they take place. I think science fiction, as well as other kinds of speculative fiction, offers some very rich possibilities that have not yet been adequately explored by writers or appreciated by readers, and I hope to explore some of them here.

— Lisa A. Nicholas